effective tools and techniques based on spiritual psychology.

8 Week Transformational Program

Creating, releasing, and healing your life into Empowerment!

I’ll teach you…

– About finding your purpose in life
– Goal setting for your dreams
– Creating your own approach to healing
– Identifying and Releasing Toxic Secrets


Program Starts August 13th

I’m an Empowerment Life Coach,
dedicated to helping you empower your life and live to your fullest potential.


What’s an Empowerment Life Coach?

I’m a life coach who works with you to empower your life’s path while helping you recover, learn, and grow from life events such as divorce, trauma, financial instability, an illness, or stressful work and family environments. I’ll teach you about resilience and how to rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix! You’ll discover how to shift your thinking, engage your coping skills, and develop and rebuild adaptive strategies to become clear, confident, and effective when facing challenges. No more perceived limitations, only fulfilling your potential.

FOUNDER “Love is Louder” Brain Health Summit

PRESENTER WITH Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, Marianne Williamson

BOARD MEMBER St. Luke’s Hospital Suicide Prevention Task Force

PRODUCER The Dalai Lama’s Children’s Day of Compassion