Deepak Chopra

Pirie is as caring as any human being I have spent time with. Her understanding of true service is an inspiration of the heart. I would work with her anytime again, as her integrity shines through her whole being.

Rich Roll & Julie Piatt

Pirie is masterfully skilled and effective in manifesting the absolute best experience in Wellness events today. She is deeply committed to serving people and it shows in the relationships she has nurtured along with her loving spirit. Pirie has immense integrity, wisdom, grace, and a pure heart. Working with Pirie, makes the mundane planning of what it takes to produce a successful festival, become a deeply rewarding spiritual experience for the presenters as well as the attendees. We welcome any collaboration with Pirie in the area of wellness and beyond. She is an absolute treasure and we feel so blessed to know her and to work with her.

Eben Alexander III MD

Having given more than 300 presentations over the last five years concerning my awakening after spending a week in coma due to a deadly bacterial meningitis, I have found that this world is awakening rapidly to our fundamentally spiritual nature. This broad experience has allowed me to bask in some of the most enlightened communities on the planet. A prime example has been my experience presenting to the truly enlightened folk who attend the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. My personal enjoyment of this extraordinary event flourished under the most capable guidance and direction of Pirie Jones Grossman, truly a luminary in hosting these advanced conferences on global awakening to consciousness.