Kim Selby

I have worked with Pirie Grossman for about a year and it has been an enriching soulful experience. Pirie is one of a kind. She has a unique ability to discern the truth of a matter in an instant. Pirie effortlessly creates a calm, grounded and safe space to guide and facilitate real healing on deep, undiscovered levels. Through my work with Pirie, I have learned to shift and eradicate thoughts that don’t serve, to be compassionate with myself, and explored the very core of who I am. I’ve discovered that self-love is the most fundamental and important element in creating a life of love and meaning. Learning to love ourselves more wholly and completely initiates a cycle where we love more fully and attract more love into our lives, creating a foundation for a life of greater potential and purpose. I am tremendously grateful for the techniques Pirie has taught me, which apply in all aspects of my life. Working with Pirie has been transformational for me.