Lydia -8 Week Transformation

Pirie is a compassionate coach whose experience comes from turning her own life around and is eager to pass on the tools and knowledge to help others. Pirie helped me focus on all areas of my life including my mental health, general health and personal goals along with the tools I needed to use to achieve my goals in each area. Pirie’s kindness and compassionate nature make her easy to open up to.

Lori – 8 Week Transformation

I reached out to Pirie last Spring when I moved (escaped) from a Narcissistic relationship leaving me with PTSD, shattered self-esteem and drowning in tears.  I signed up with Pirie’s 8-week program looking for answers to help me fight my way back to living my life again.  Pirie shared tools to manage anger, forgiveness of myself and others, my inner child and adult, and regain my self-respect.  I met with her and a small group every other week to discuss how we were doing emotionally, what growth and revelations we had using the tools she taught in our homework, and group discussions.  Although everyone has their own story of pain, the tools Pirie shared with us, are universal in helping to heal the black hole of pain we find ourselves in at any given time.  I am grateful to Pirie and know that if I ever need her in the future, she will be there for me.

Thank you Pirie.


Tess – 8 Week Transformation

“I recently worked with Pirie when I was at a crossroads in my life, trying to deal with an auto-immune condition and the emotional fall out from years of suppressed emotions. Talking about change in one’s life can be daunting, especially as one gets older, but the journey was facilitated by Pirie’s gentle nudging onward, working through the issues and questioning the narratives that we have all built up about our lives and the people in them.

“Pirie is immensely nurturing.  When you need it most, she is there with an ”It’s OK, honey”, and encouraging words as you continue on the healing road.  She helped me to unpick the emotional traumas from way back that I need to work through and then release, at the same time as building up a toolbox to deal with life’s emotional challenges.  She is compassionate but firm and I would recommend her to anyone wishing to embark on their emotional healing journey.”
Tess, UK

Rita – 8 Week Transformation

Pirie’s amazing eight-week course took me through the last crucial steps of healing. I’ve been working through my childhood traumas for a long time. Traditional therapy helped and more recently I found effective help for PTSD. Unfortunately, no one knew the last few crucial steps to my healing, much less how to help me through them. Pirie did.

Pirie was the person farther ahead on my journey who I had been seeking. She is incredibly perceptive, kind, compassionate and straightforward. I now have an amazing toolbox and know how to address remaining triggers, negative thoughts and beliefs. I also know how to create new, positive grooves in my mind that reflect the reality of my life now.

Learning how to really love, forgive and have compassion for myself and everyone else in my life was another wonderful gift.

As Pirie says, It’s a process, not a quick fix. If your past and whatever happened to you is negatively affecting your present and your relationships, including the all-important one with yourself, Pirie has the insights and tools you need to change your story.


Kim Selby

Through my work with Pirie, I have learned to shift and eradicate thoughts that don’t serve, to be compassionate with myself, and explored the very core of who I am.  I’ve discovered that self-love is the most fundamental and important element in creating a life of love and meaning.  Learning to love ourselves more wholly and completely initiates a cycle where we love more fully attract more love into our lives, creating a foundation for a life of greater potential and purpose. 

Maebrianna Webb

Two years ago I was in the darkest place of my life. After a series of unfortunate events, I was emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. I was in a rut after getting out of a toxic two-year relationship. After being told repeatedly that I was a horrible person unworthy of love and life I started to believe it (silly looking back at it now). For a year and a half, I relied on alcohol just to get me through the day. I was fighting the truth that I had suffered multiple traumas and instead of dealing with it I just kept suppressing my emotions. The person I was at this point in my life was not someone I was proud of. Then I met Pirie. There are very few people who can reach out and touch your life in such a powerful way and that is Pirie. Only seven months in with Pirie but I have evolved more with her than I have in my entire life. She’s opened my eyes to such a more powerful version of myself. I’m not wandering through life blind anymore. I know how to speak my truth; I know how to adapt to situations that in the past would have triggered anger. Every day I’m learning to love and accept myself again. I had all the tools I just didn’t know how to access them. To be honest I believed I was a lost cause until Pirie reached in me and pulled out my own little toolbox and showed me the way. I’m moving in the right direction and I know I have a purpose. I take it day by day but it feels AWESOME.


2019 Healing Summit – GK Holland

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pirie. Although I practice yoga and meditation, I learned much today from Dr. Sue Morter about bringing it all together in with the belly breathing, squeezing the target area and focusing on healing feelings. I hope you will offer your wonderful series of interviews again soon so I can watch the first half of them.  Bless your heart!

2019 Healing Summit – Patricia Muhr

Hi Pirie,
I want to thank you for this wonderful and really important summit. I have learned so much and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to listen to those I have missed.  Especially Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Tom O’Bryan and Joyce Rockwood impressed me. Had I not heard of Dr. Tom by you, I would not have known about his series about gluten and autoimmune disease. We found out that my daughter has a gluten sensitivity and I needed help and Information. My practitioner wanted to give me medication for latent Hashimoto s. But I refused. He advised me to support my immune system. And so I did.  We will see…..
You gave me the impression of being strong, courageous and cheerful. You did a great job!
I wish you the best for your own health and good luck.

2019 Healing Summit – Danamarie Kelley


This is my first time to respond to you concerning your Auto Immune Healing Summit. I have not been able to catch it in its entirety, but wish to share that what “I’ve seen and heard” has been invaluable! Many wonderful experts and topics of such depth and insightful tips. I have so enjoyed hearing the stories and testimonials. Thank you for caring so much about this most important health issue and for the enlightenment I have learned as a result of your selfless and extraordinary efforts!  I live in the Midwest and unfortunately, there are no integrative experts close in. My guidance, research, and practices have come from in-depth research and such outstanding resources as what you have just offered free of charge!!! God bless you for caring so much for humanity!! May your struggle, perseverance, and faith in your healing journey become a passion that blesses YOU and countless others. IT HAS BEEN A PRIVILEGE BEING WITH YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY!

2019 Healing Summit – Patty Brintnell

Thank you so much for providing this healing summit on autoimmune diseases. I found out about it after it had already started, but I have tuned in every day since. I truly appreciate all of the inspiration that I get from the Hay House Healing Summits and this one is no exception. The healing summits seem to come just when I need a little (or a lot of) inspiration. This one on autoimmune is perfect timing as I retired the end of December because my health is not where I want it to be. I loved my job of teaching (30+ years) but I felt my health would not improve while I remained in the classroom. Thanks again. Being able to access these videos free of charge is very kind of you. I also really like that there is only one video per day (available to view for 2 days) so I am not overwhelmed.
Ontario, Canada