I welcome you from San Diego with a warm loving open-heart and a big smile! I’m guessing you’re ready to awaken and unleash yourself into that truly free woman just waiting to emerge and open the divine feminine within yourself. It’s time to feel connected, loved, listen to and free to express who you are. It’s tim not heal your mind, body, heart, spirt and soul, and let your Fearless Goddess Spiirt be free!

I work with you as a woman with the challenges you face and have faced within your life, with awareness, prevention and recovery of going down a path that leads to the total apology of who you are that eventually can lead to illness. I teach, heal, inspire, and empower you to come back to you, learning to love yourself and let that beautiful inner goddess light shine bright with full connection to your intuition and pure unconditional self love!!
I empower you to release the traps set inside of you, so you can let yourself “off the hook” for your past choices, places you’ve felt you had no choice and unsuccessful attempts based on what your past has been. I teach you to release walking through life backwards, learn to focus and embrace the present moment and therefore free yourself to embrace the future you desire to create. and live life fully with peace of the mind, body, heart and soul having true life balance! Have a pure and unconditional love for yourself! After all, you are the most important thing you have. YOU ARE PRECIOUS!

I utilize a variety of modalities combined into one all encompassing approach though, shamanic healing, energy medicine, nutrition, yoga access conscious, breath and meditation and of course visioning your new few amazing life!

 I am passionate about what I do because of my own experiences of total imbalance in my life

I’ve left it all behind. I’ve had it all and I’ve had nothing. Within it, I found my significance, my self love, my self confidence, my spark and passion for life. The ability to truly flourish and thrive being free to be me just as I am and unconditionally love myself!

Because I’ve been there, and because I’ve done it, I know this is possible for anyone. It would and does bring bliss to my heart to have the opportunity to bring you to that happy, thriving place inside of you that I simply know exists! I’d love to guide you, re-ignite the spark or maybe even ignite that spark for the first time ever, so YOU can shine as bright as the sun, and sparkle as bright as the stars, radiate peace, self love, beauty and happiness from the inside out and never again apologize for who YOU are.

My Credentials

I received my nutritional and life coaching training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied more over 100 dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. I am a Certified Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance and a Teaching Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Living Energy Worker, Access Conscious Practitioner, Meditation Coach and Shamanic Healer in the way of the Q’ero Inca Tradition. A Pampamesayoc (Earth Centered Shaman) and former Beauty Industry Professional. Drawing on this knowledge and energetic practices, I will guide you in creating and bringing forth a completely transformed you. You’ll be free to be your unique self in the healthiest way possible for you. 
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