Pirie is an award winning master coach & speaker who helps women over 50 to reignite and reinvent epic next chapters of their lives.

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    About Pirie

    The BEFORE Pirie:

    Born and raised in South Texas, I grew up in a very challenging home. My mother struggled with drugs, alcohol and mental illness. Living day by day in an extremely unstable environment, I believed that I wasn’t loved or worthy of anything. Early on, I inherited the role of a caretaker (as many daughters do) and subsequently transformed into an adult as a mere adolescent. I learned limiting beliefs such as, “I should be seen and not heard,” and “I’m not able to ask for what I want and need and yet be safe.” Existing in chaotic circumstances became the norm. Limiting beliefs thrive under those conditions and eventually I began to think that I didn’t deserve love from others unless I worked or performed for it. Can you imagine? I also acquired unhealthy patterns that kept me in the role of the victim. The result? I had no idea what I wanted or for that matter who I was, but I could tell others who they were and what they wanted. I learned how to make everyone else feel good because then they felt good about me. Unknowingly, I evolved into a servant for love for others.

    For most of my life, I was in emotional pain that included mental and physical breakdowns, which even my closest friends were unaware of. I kept them a secret! There would be no asking for help because I didn’t feel like I deserved it. I knew I could take care of myself, but it came with a steep price from enduring years of shame. I continued looking for love and acceptance from everyone but myself. Not surprisingly, no matter how much I accomplished in my career or how wonderful my life looked, it was never enough to fill the gaping hole inside of me that felt unlovable, unworthy and ultimately unhappy. I was a fraud because how I felt privately didn’t represent what I projected to the world.

    Disguised by a successful career, my lack of self-esteem led me down a narrow path of co-dependency. Scared and lonely, I married looking for the love and acceptance I could have given myself if I had only known how. Instead, my life’s highlights were based on other’s confirmations of my worth, which were never enough to erase the emptiness inside and the inner voice that claimed, “You are simply not enough.” Forty years later, I changed my belief of self-worth and it revolutionized my life. How?

    The AFTER Pirie:

    Hi. Remember the story about the girl living with little more than crumbs of self-worth? Those crumbs turned into pearls of wisdom and after a long and often difficult journey, I discovered my deeply rooted purpose and what brings me joy. Helping others!

    Now my life is an authentic one bolstered by compassion, motivation and productivity and founded upon family, community and humanity. This breakthrough continues to influence my daily habits and has aligned my meaning in life, which is to become a source of healing for souls who believe their lives are valuable, yet lack the switch and need the tools to turn them from dark to light.

    Today, I’m the Pirie I’ve always wanted. I’m incredibly joyful and living an amazing life while creating and manifesting dreams that I never believed possible. And, I want to share all that I learned with you.

    I’m a Transformational Life Coach, dedicated to helping you transform your life and live to your fullest potential.

    What’s an Empowerment Life Coach?

    I’m a life coach who works with you to empower your life’s path while helping you recover, learn, and grow from life events such as divorce, trauma, financial instability, an illness, or stressful work and family environments. I’ll teach you about resilience and how to rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix! You’ll discover how to shift your thinking, engage your coping skills, and develop and rebuild adaptive strategies to become clear, confident, and effective when facing challenges. No more perceived limitations, only fulfilling your potential.

    This is non-religious based healing and does not require years of therapy or endless expenditures. Fortunately, the side effect of my years of training in psychology while obtaining my Master’s of Spiritual Psychology in California is a powerful skill set in discovering, managing and achieving the life you were born to have. The life you deserve! You will feel the benefits as you move into your new future with self-confidence, energy, and strength. Transformation can happen quickly and powerfully.