Pirie is an award winning master coach & speaker who helps women over 50 to reignite and reinvent epic next chapters of their lives.

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      Pro-Aging: the Best is Yet to Come

      Women are taught that after 50 they’re irrelevant, invisible and undesirable. They spend billions on surgery, products and age reversing treatments that don’t provide ultimate confidence and love they are seeking.

      Despite what we’re told, the second half of women’s lives neuroscientifically, physically and psychologically are the most potent time of their lives and has the potential to be the most powerful, fulfilling and vital.

      In this presentation, Pirie Grossman best selling author of Conversations with Pirie; 30 Stories of People Who Reinvented Themselves, host of the popular podcast, “Own Your Throne” and sought-after master coach, will show you how to reclaim aging from anti-aging (something to fight) to pro-aging (something to embrace) and reveal the hidden gifts and opportunities in the second half of life.

      In this presentation, you will:

      ● Re-frame aging as an epic adventure
      ● Reclaim beauty on your terms (not society’s)
      ● Release cultural pressure to look younger
      ● Discover the hidden inner beauty, wisdom and creativity available only in the 2nd of your life
      ● Celebrate who you are and who you are becoming
      ● Leave knowing the best years of your life are yet to come

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