Pirie is an award winning master coach & speaker who helps women over 50 to reignite and reinvent epic next chapters of their lives.

Whether you’re ready to start a new chapter or not, life will eventually prompt you to do so. “How To Create My Next Chapter!” Download my eBook, Start TODAY!


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      I’m so excited and grateful that my new book,” Conversations With Pirie: 30 Stories of People Who Reinvented Themselves” has launched on Amazon!

      It’s a book that’s filled with inspiring true stories of diverse people who have reinvented, transformed, and started new endeavors after the age of 45. Ultimately, this book is proof that IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to create a life beyond our dreams.

      You’ll meet some amazing people who share their struggles and their wins as well as how they found their inner strength to GO FOR IT!!

      Stories connect people and their experiences and ideas and often unite us to our dreams and goals. They remind of what’s possible.

      what if I told you that these 3o stories contain more than the authors’ ambition, courage, trust, empathy, and determination?  What if this collection were lessons–
      U-turns rich with meaning and influence because they identify the “why” and “how” of reinvention?

      How to start a business.
      How to plan for potential success.
      How to harness the channel the energy necessary for your second chapter.
      These questions are set against the backdrop of hope and resilience.

      From a cross-section of age, race, and gender, discover why former corporate climbers, cancer survivors, global finance pros, media consultants, mothers, professional athletes, and more set aside their limiting beliefs, sidelined the naysayers and literally got to works recreating their lives. Their results ushered in fulfillment, profits, and the satisfaction of reinventing themselves at every age.

      Ideal as a motivational or devotional tool, Conversations with Pirie is a reminder that its’ never too late to start something new, and the sooner you start, the better you’ll feel about yourself, your life, and your future.

      With a wealth of specific examples, valuable advice, and details about entrepreneurship and business ownership, these conversations illustrate non-linear career trajectories and the energy behind the heart and soul of becoming exactly who you want to be.

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