2019 | 01 | 11 – Day 5! Dr. Sylva Dvorak! Dr. Dvorak discusses the importance of rituals in our lives as a form of healing!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s day 5 of the Healing Auto-Immune Diseases Summit, with another wonderful guest, Dr. Sylva Dvorak!

Dr. Sylva has a passion for integrating ancient wisdom with our newest understandings of the body, mind, and spirit. Her passion is to help others find their personal freedom which forms the foundation of all her work.

In her interview, Dr. Sylva discusses the importance of rituals in our lives as a form of healing particularly with women. She also suggests some spiritual practices that would be beneficial to our healing and teaches us how to dance to the rhythm of our emotions!

Plus, Dr. Sylva’s free gift will help you anytime you are stressed, worried, anxious or just simply need to be more at peace – it’s six different guided visualization and relaxation meditations 😌

⭐️Click here to watch Dr. Sylva Dvorak’s interview and get her free gift⭐️

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Pirie Jones Grossman

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