2019 | 01 | 10 – Day 4! Dr. Tom O’Bryan, internationally recognized, speaker on food sensitivities, environmental toxins and autoimmune diseases

When it comes to getting healthy, Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s goal for you is ‘Making It Easy To Do the Right Thing.’ As an internationally recognized, admired and compassionate speaker focusing on food sensitivities, environmental toxins, and the development of autoimmune diseases, Dr. Tom’s audiences discover that it is through a clear understanding of how you got to where you are, that you and your Dr. can figure out what it will take to get you well.

Today, Dr. Tom O’Bryan discusses how we’ve allowed ourselves to go so far by eating, drinking and living such toxic lives.

He also discusses:

  • The difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivities
  • The 4 best foods to eat to support our best health with autoimmune disorders

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Pirie Jones Grossman

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