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      2019 | 01 | 07 – Day 1! Dr. Jason West, the owner of the West Clinic

      Good morning and welcome to the very first day of the Healing Auto-Immune Diseases Summit! I believe everyone can REVERSE auto-immune diseases without meds, and I’m thrilled to start this journey with you. To kick off this event, I am sharing my interview with someone who is near and dear to my heart.

      About six months ago I was diagnosed with the Epstein-Barr virus…I felt completely isolated, hopeless, and scared because I was so SICK. Thankfully, amazing friends fought for my life when I couldn’t and located a doctor who would change my path from one of struggle to strength. It was an alternative/functional medical doctor, Dr. Jason West, the owner of the West Clinic, just three hours from my home in Sun Valley.

      In our interview today, Dr. West is sharing about the healing modalities that he uses at his clinic and what I used for my healing of Epstein-Barr. He also covers the powerful benefits of:

      • Neural Therapy
      • Vitamin C Infusion Therapy
      • Ozone Therapy
      • and the importance of a plant-based diet!

      And you don’t want to miss his free gift, it’s a copy of his book, Hidden Secrets To Curing Your Chronic Disease: Real Science, Real Solutions and Real Stories of Healing and Hope (just cover shipping!)

      ⭐️Click here to watch Dr. Jason West’s interview and get his free gift⭐️

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