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      Healing Auto-Immune Disease Summit, Starting Jan 7, 2019

      I’m so thrilled you are joining me for the Healing Auto-Immune Diseases Summit!

      The interviews will begin to air January 7th!

      In this email you find everything you need to know about getting the most out of your experience. PLEASE READ these important details so you don’t miss a thing!

      But first…let me tell you WHY I chose to host the Healing Auto-Immune Disease Summit.

      Six months ago I was diagnosed with the Epstein-Barr virus. After spending a week in the hospital enduring many tests, I was told I had EBV and that there was no remedy, no drug, and nothing doctors could administer other than the suggestion to go home to bed for six months to a year. Bewildered, I left the hospital with conventional drugs that provided a Band-Aid to my newly diagnosed autoimmune disease. There was no talk of alternative therapies or approaches to relieve the constant pain and fatigue.

      Because I’m a good patient I listened to orders and went home. Climbing into bed, I curled up in a fetal position feeling disconnected from my body, almost as though my body had betrayed me. How could this be happening to me?

      I felt completely isolated, hopeless, and scared because I was so SICK. Barely able to walk from my bed to the bathroom, my sunken eyes and pale skin were visual indications that my body, racked in pain and fever, was verging on the lifeless. With a foggy brain, I couldn’t think, eat, sleep, read, or watch TV, and because my voice had faded to a whisper, there was virtually no talking to family or friends.

      Thankfully amazing friends fought for my life when I couldn’t and located a doctor who would change my path from one of struggle to strength. An alternative/functional medical doctor, Dr. Jason West, the owner of the West Clinic of Pocatello, Idaho, just three hours from my home in Sun Valley, Idaho with a 90-day waiting list listened closely to my friends urgent appeals when they described my symptoms and brought me into his clinic.

      Two days later, I slept in a homemade bed in the back of my SUV for the entire trip. When I arrived, two men carried me inside Dr. West’s office where I laid on the floor because it was nearly impossible for me to sit or stand. After reviewing my medical records and examining me, he recommended I remain in town near the clinic and start treatments every day for two weeks. I agreed. He looked directly at me and said, “Pirie, I believe I can help you get better.” With those words, I felt HOPE and the light of healing begin! Not one doctor had uttered a single word about healing until then and from that moment, I worked hard towards my healing because I wanted my life back!

      Healing the body requires the inner work too and I took responsibility in clearing out the emotional negativity and toxicity from a past relationship that I discovered had plagued and contributed to my getting sick months earlier. Throughout an ugly lawsuit, I held onto anger; anger that I discovered when not spoken aloud only served as another layer to my sickness. I knew the answer was in compassion and forgiveness and trusting the journey, and ultimately to surrender.

      By learning alternative therapies from doctors, nurse practitioners, teachers, and other patients, I began my protocol and started to feel better. I met and spoke with patients who were previously overwhelmed by their diseases and now managed their lupus, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, Graves’, and rheumatoid arthritis with success. Did you know over 100 million Americans have some version of an autoimmune disease?

      Because I’ve been a patient, my heart is full of compassion for those who suffer from the disorienting malaise and the unknowing of what’s to come each day, “Will I be tired, in pain, stressed, and how long is this going to last? Am I crazy to feel like I’m losing myself?” These lonely and dizzying questions and flu-like symptoms combine to make us all feel as though there is no hope. But, there is!

      My singular mission is for you to feel better! I have experts who are committed to helping you throughout my 21-day summit and they will share specific modalities that work. My only request is that you are open to new possibilities and opportunities for your healing. Are you with me?


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      Pirie Jones Grossman

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