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    2019 Healing Summit

    I want to thank you for being a part of my online show, “How to Heal from Autoimmune Diseases Without Using Meds.” The feedback I received from you was excellent! Thank you for taking the time to share what you liked the most about the series and what you would like more of. You revealed a lot, so thank you because it allowed me to gauge how I can help you more specifically.

    The first request from most of you was loud and clear! Am I going to make this series available to purchase? And the answer is a resounding YES!!!

    Not only will I offer the video series to you, but I also thought it would be very beneficial to have each interview transcribed. There is so much information each of the experts shared, that I know it would be great to compile it all into an Autoimmune RX Kit. You can either listen to your favorite expert’s interview or read the notes and highlight what resonated with you! I know, I want that myself!

    Purchase all 23 expert interviews and testimonials. FOR THIS SPECIAL OFFER OF $47.00

    $12,000 value!

    You will receive all 23 expert interviews and testimonials, which each run for approximately an hour, and you’ll receive 23 transcripts, which contain all the information they shared, so you can go back and refer to it ANYTIME YOU WANT!

    This can be the beginning of your healing journey that you can start right now. Or if you’ve been on your healing journey for a while and you need to be inspired or feel HOPE again, this RX kit will rekindle that desire.

    I heard you and that’s why I’m making this available to you today.

    Access to some of the world’s best healers and speakers on Auto-immune diseases!
    Don’t miss out!

    I’m on this healing journey with you!

    I believe that you can get better and live a joyous, symptom-free, abundant life. And remember why you’re on this planet. We each have a purpose and you’re influencing many people around you. What are you standing for in your life?

    Don’t delay! Get this powerful information in your hands today!

    Sending you BIG loving, healing hugs!

    Lots of love and I’ll be in touch.

    Pirie Jones Grossman